Does Abilene really need another church? Unequivocally, we say YES! Does everyone you know attend church? Do you have friends who need Jesus? Do you know people who have given up on God? Maybe one of these describes you. Until all these needs are met, God will continue to call people to REACH out.

We've heard that call. The family at The Ridge is seeking to RESTORE those who have left the church, REACH those who need the grace of the Gospel and REVEAL new connections to God's family.

We want to meet people where they are. None of us has it all figured out, but if we study the ROADMAP God has given us in his Word, we can help each other REALIZE the ultimate goal of eternity in heaven.

That's the bottom line. It's the simple REALITY, but not necessarily that easy. We'd love for you to join us at The Ridge as we get to know the master REDEEMER and follow His plan for a full life. Come study, worship and fellowship with us. We'll show you how God can use another church in Abilene!