Our God created a REVOLUTION and He sent His only son to the cross to change the world with His divine innovation and creative ways. He used Himself to REACH people and has called his followers to do the same.

We have plans and ideas and have faith God will direct how we will be different at Remington Ridge. We're committed to trying new things in reaching out to neighbors and friends in far south Abilene. We’ll hold firm to the teachings of the New Testament which now directs the people of God and pledge the Bible, will be our only source of truth as to how we should live.

Our main goal is simple, we want to share the message of Jesus Christ and work with those who desire to make a change in their own lives by accepting Him on His terms.

Praise and worship will be important, as will studying the Word of God. We'll meet on the first day of every week and share the Lord's Supper together. We will baptize believers who sincerely desire to accept Christ’s gospel and His grace by burial and resurrection in water.

But most of all, we're going to love the Lord and love our neighbors because Jesus said there are no greater commandments than these. We will REJOICE and have faith that a lot of other things will fall in place if we do these things right.

So, stay tuned and see what doors the Lord opens for us to do things differently. We're READY to work and we want to keep it REAL.