Announcement to the Baker Heights Family

The following announcement was read to the family at Baker Heights Church of Christ on Sunday, January 15, 2017.

With a new year come new beginnings. As we enter 2017, it’s a time of reflection of where we’ve been and the opportunities before us. With the knowledge of the entire eldership at Baker Heights, we want to share some exciting news. 

But first, a little history … the Baker Heights Church of Christ was established through foresight of the elders of the College Church of Christ (now University Church of Christ). Around 1958 those men recognized the need for a congregation of the Lord’s church to serve Dyess Air Force Base.

In February of 1959, a dozen local congregations generously contributed to a fund for the construction of a building on Texas Avenue, near the east gate of Dyess, to begin Baker Heights. Several families from College Church and other Abilene congregations joined with people from Dyess to help establish the Baker Heights Church of Christ. 

Since then, countless Baker Heights members have helped seed and rejuvenate congregations all over the world, including Oldham Lane and others in Abilene.

God continues to open doors. With dreams born in March 2012, several members of Baker Heights and some from Southern Hills will be seeding a new congregation in far south Abilene where Clark and Remington roads cross Hwy. 83-84., Five years later, the dream of the Church of Christ at Remington Ridge is becoming a reality

Because of the deep roots grown and fostered at Baker Heights, this group is following a call to share Christ and serve families in an underserved area. The following families are stepping out to lead this effort, including Zane, Kim and Trey Dennis; Cameron and Tonya McElyea; Ron and Jerri McElyea; Pearline McElyea; Frank and Amber Peck; Michael, Wendy, Makayla, Matthew and Maddison Jones; Tom and Betsey Craig from Southern Hills and others as they complete commitments at their current congregations.

Effective Jan. 15, 2017, both Zane and Ron tender their resignations as elders to begin serving in the same capacity at Remington Ridge. Cameron, Frank and Michael are resigning as deacons. January 29th will be our last Sunday to worship with our brothers and sisters at Baker Heights. 

We’re excited about the opportunities to restore those who have left the church, to reach those who have never heard the grace of the Gospel and to reveal new connections to God’s family. As we begin this work, we covet the prayers and encouragement of the Baker Heights family.

Godspeed and blessings for all of us in the New Year.